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PaPPUS Day Hungary

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Explore nature in the classroom and in yourself

We held our multiplier event, the interactive Pappus day on 22 June 2021. Teachers, youth workers, students and others who are interested in working with plants in an alternative way were among the participants. After the introduction of Rogers Foundation’s work and ongoing projects, the programme continued with two lectures and one workshop.

The first lecture by Katalin Czippán vice-president of the IUCN Education and Communication Committee addressed “Our relation to nature”. The second one was about “Plant strategies” held by Beáta Oborny, associate professor at ELTE Institute of Biology, Department of Plant Systematics, Ecology and Theoretical Biology. Both lecturers delivered an easily understandable speech pointing out how exciting and on the other hand vulnerable nature and our relation to nature is.

The afternoon workshop, held by Dóra Halász, trainer and assistant at Rogers Foundation focused on plants and play. A couple of activities from the toolkit were presented. Via the various playful activities, participants experienced how easy it is to introduce plants and nature in a joyful way to classroom and outdoor actions. We also presented our new “emotrees” which are tiny ceramic trees expressing different kind of emotions and sensations and can perfectly be used in icebreaker or closing exercises.

The whole event went with a swing, the participants left with new experiences and useful knowledge for their everyday classroom activities.

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