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National Adaptation Plans

National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) are the first of three Intellectual Outputs created by the PAPPUS partners.  NAPs show how each partner will ensure the programme meets the needs of its key audience in each country, and they reflect desk research, surveys and semi-structured interviews as well as the social and educational context of the partner's country.

Field/Desk Research
England NAP image.jpg
NAP Hungary image.jpg
Austria NAP image.jpg
NAP Poland image.jpg
NAP Slovakia image.jpg
NAP Czech Rep image.jpg

National Adaptation Plan Summary

This summary report is edited as an executive summary of all national reports and provides a brief overview of the results of desk and field research per partner country. This is intended to summarise the results in compact form to provide a rapid overview of the situation in all partner countries. The respective national reports (in native languages) are published so that interested parties can read them in detail via the partners page

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