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The natural world provides a rich and diverse library of resources and inspiration.  Join the PAPPUS CPD programme to learn how to maximise the value of the PAPPUS resources and use them in your own teaching and training.

If you lead on environment, science, sustainability or STEM subjects in your school, the PAPPUS training is for you.

If you work with schools to provide specialist professional development for teachers, the PAPPUS training is for you, too.

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There are two routes

 A short, self-directed training programme, with downloadable resources 

 Face to face courses led by the PAPPUS team - see below! 

We'd love you to join the PAPPUS community and share the plant love with the children and young people whom which you work with.


The PAPPUS UK training series: playful outdoor learning with plants

View our exclusive online and face-to-face training series and start using PAPPUS in your setting

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