Pappus is an Erasmus+ funded programme offering playful springboards into learning, using commonly found plants as a context, resource and inspiration.

Plants and Play Promoting Universal Skills

Pappus brings together educators from six European countries, to collaborate, share knowledge and expertise and create a unique resource for schools, play settings and families.
We know that immersion in the natural world is essential for children's emotional and mental wellbeing, and active learning is also great for their physical health.  Pappus provides teachers, play workers and families with 'springboards' to inspire high quality learning and play using easily sourced plants.
The Pappus Toolkit offers 'springboards' to hours of innovative learning and play.
                                            The CPD programme builds skills in using plants to deliver playful learning.  
The Resource Library includes links to organisations, websites, blogs, books and videos.
Together, these Pappus resources will help you enrich learning and play through reconnecting children and young people with the natural world - and because we know that taking learning beyond the classroom is not always easy, we've included strategies to help identify and overcome those barriers.
Six EU countries have contributed to this unique resource - find out more about the partners by clicking through to their websites.

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