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training programme resources, which are

currently in development. 


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The Pappus training programme is aimed at teachers, teaching assistants and play workers, and should be available in early 2022.

There are hundreds of career options for young people with an interest in plants and the natural world.  The Pappus training programme will support adults in sharing these opportunities, through cross cultural-exchanges, ideas for entrepreneurship and examples of how broad the range of professional possibilities is for young people.

Intellectual Output 3 (IO3) involves the development of an online staff training curriculum and written materials to use on the course, using plants as a focus for entrepreneurial skills exploring options, such as:

  1. within grounds of school/youth settings;

  2. in local green space (with community benefit); and

  3. indoor gardening where outdoors is not an option.


The Course leads to signposting of young people to volunteer and apprentice opportunities.
This output will include a Training of Trainers - this will be a Joint Staff Training in Autumn 2021, to train teachers and youth workers in the use of the tools with young people through the development of a training course for teachers/ youth workers to share best practice and innovation. The Joint Staff Training will enable exchanges between young workers/ teachers in the partner countries, broaden their cross-cultural experiences, and provide some practical horticulture opportunities, to share experiences and develop their practice through partnerships with other countries.

Further to this, partners will test out the course in their own areas during Spring 2022 and deliver National workshops (as Multiplier Events) - including activities taken in schools/ youth settings to enhance their use of nature/plants and play; to work with young people to tackle social exclusion; and signposting to potential career paths.

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