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Why play and learn with plants?

Introductory text here, to pick up on why learning and play with plants is important, in no particular order:

  • Changes in children's leisure time activities - knock on effects on health and wellbeing as well as understanding / caring about / advocating for the natural world.

  • Pressure on teachers to deliver academic outcomes

  • Fear of moving beyond the classroom

Evidence of how learning and playing in the natural world can improve outcomes for children:

  • connecting abstract learning to 'real' world practicalities

  • being in nature is good for children and young poeple's wellbeing

  • When learning and playing outdoors, children and young people are typically more physically active than when they are indoors

  • Opportunities for all types of learners to engage

  • Introducing new professional routes (careers)

WATCH the introductory film, exploring the value of learning and play outdoors, with examples from schools across Europe and beyond.

DOWNLOAD the 'Making the Case' slide show - it's really short - to show to colleagues to support your call for more learning and play outdoors.

Introductory video here - Making the Case for learning and playing with plants

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Four slide Staff Meeting ppt here

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Download our Audit Tool, to explore the Pappus Potential of the school grounds and neighbourhood.

Download our Making the Case leaflet here.